DocuNNECT for DocuWare®

The easy way to connect DocuWare® to your applications!

You want to connect the data from your DocuWare® archive to other applications?

With DocuNNECT, we offer you a tool with which you can connect your lists from DocuWare® into Excel®, PowerBI® and many more – and the best part? You don’t even have to be an IT expert!

DocuNNECT is a cloud solution – based on the latest security standards. Via an easy-to-use web app, you can access individual tables of your DocuWare® file cabinets via a data-link. You have full control at all times.

Crafted in Germany ● DSGVO compliant ● Compatible ● Standardized

Almost no overhead. Maximum value.

DocuNNECT allows you to access your DocuWare® Cloud archive from the apps or sources, you love. With a simple Data-Link, you can easily import the data into Excel® or PowerBI® and build your own dashboard or reporting solution.

DocuNNECT does not store any confidential data and guarantees highest security for your DocuWare® archive. You can define which lists you want to share and which you don’t.

Why DocuNNECT?

With DocuNNECT you obtain a trivial but powerful tool with a great impact!

It generates value with familiar tools!

DocuWare® lists are not expressive in nature - in order to gain knowledge from the data, you need to perform individual analytics. With DocuNNECT, you can hand these analytics over to your familiar MS Office® environment and build powerful BI solutions!

It's extremely easy to use!

DocuNNECT is easy to use - it allows you to mirror DocuWare® lists into any software that can read JSON data like Excel®, PowerBI® and many more. After logging in, there is only one dashboard to gain access to all the power. No need for extensive training and you always have all the information in one view.

It's secure!

Based on the latest security standards, DocuNNECT is designed that neither the owners of the Data-Link nor the administrators of DocuNNECT have access to the user's DocuWare® credentials at any time. Also, we as the creators of DocuNNECT, don't store any of your credentials on our side.

Plans & Pricing

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