DocuNNECT for DocuWare®

The easy way to connect DocuWare® to your applications!

You want to connect the data from your DocuWare® archive to other applications?

With DocuNNECT, we offer you a tool with which you can connect your lists from DocuWare® into Excel®, PowerBI® and many more – and the best part? You don’t even have to be an IT expert!

DocuNNECT is a cloud solution – based on the latest security standards. Via an easy-to-use web app, you can access individual tables of your DocuWare® file cabinets via a data-link. You have full control at all times.

Crafted in Germany ● DSGVO compliant ● Compatible ● Standardized

Secure, easy to use and familiar

DocuNNECT allows you to access your DocuWare® Cloud archive from the apps or sources, you love. With a simple Data-Link, you can easily import the data into Excel® or PowerBI® and build your own dashboard or reporting solution.

DocuNNECT does not store any confidential data and guarantees highest security for your DocuWare® archive. You can define which lists you want to share and which you don’t.

Do you have questions or want to see DocuNNECT in action?

Plans & Pricing

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