DWControl Creator for DocuWare®

Create .dwcontrol files automatically - Turn documentation imagery into value!

Digitalization your documentation imagery is easy as there are plenty of documentation tools available. But what if you want to take value from those imagery – like being able to search and find particular image information, the imagery represents? Adding meta data to each single image by hand can be hard and takes inacceptably long time.

This is where our DWControl Creator DWControl Creator enters the stage!

The tool allows you to extract metadata from your files, enriching them with the information you wish with a self explanatory, easy to use user interface and automatically creating .dwcontrol-files for your DocuWare® import jobs for you in no time.

Auto enhance image data in masses - batch upload value to DocuWare®

DWControl Creator gives you acess to the EXIF Metadata Standards Catalog available in your images. You can simply select the information you wish for your DocuWare® archive and define, if you also want to export GPS data and reverse calculate address information to it – and let DW Control Creator do the rest.

You can also add individual information from the image’s filenames or custom metadata of your files. After that DWControl Creator builds a blueprint for all of your images of the desired type and automatically creates the .dwcontrol files needed for the DocuWare® batch import jobs during the upload of your files to the import folder.

Step 1. You only need to select one sample file and tell DWControl Creator about the information, you want in your DocuWare® lists – including EXIF-, GPS-, address- and custom data you wish. 

Tell DWControl Creator about the DocuWare® Import folder your images are uploaded and imported to DocuWare® to.

Step 2DWControl Creator will use the information from Step 1 to generate a schema file (blueprint), that tells the tool, how to gather the reuquired information from your images of the given type and to create the according .dwcontrol files for each file during the import process.

Now, the import process is ready.

Step 3. Start uploading the desired files to the import folder with any device (web, client, mobile).

Any time, new files arrive, DWControl Creator grabs each file individually and extracts or generates the information defined in the blueprint file. When al data has been gathered, the according .dwcontrol file is created and the image is uploaded by DocuWare® Importer.

Step 4. Enjoy not only your image files in your DocuWare® list – but also all the extended metadata like photographer, street / number, municiplity, subdivisions, zip data and custom data like information from the file name.

You can now easily search and find your image data and make it available to other apps in your company using our DocuNNECT.

Why DWControl Creator?

DWControl makes it easy to get the most information out of your images – with a high degree of automation.

DWControl Drag&Drop

Easy to use

A simple and intuitive Drag & Drop software interface makes it easy to create the blueprint for your .dwcontrol import automation. All in one UI and at a glance!

GPS to address in one click

GPS coordinates itself are inhomogeneous and have little value and meaningfulness. With DWControl Creator and  you can display the GPS data coming from the metadata of your files in decimal degree and degrees, minutes, seconds format – it also offers automatic support for address recalculation you can choose each single part from!

Recalculate GPS to address
DWControl Creator Import

Works seamlessly with DocuWare® Import

DWControl Creator has been crafted to and work seamlessly with DocuWare® Import. It creates the .dwcontrol files to the required schema so you have nothing more to do other than start the corresponding import job.

Preview and save time

DWControl allows you to preview how your image data would look in DocuWare® before you create the blueprint for your .dwcontrol files. This saves you hours of time.

DWControl Data DocuWare List Preview
Marco Beyer, CEO

You need personal and individual consulting?

Then please get in touch with us. We are happy to advise you regarding .dwcontrol files and how our solution DWControl Creator can assist you. Just call us at

(0431) 649 59 44 or

Your Marco Beyer

Plans & Pricing

Find the plan that fits your needs.


$0 free to use for up to 1 import job for 30 days.
The demo allows you to use DWControl Creator with one import job you have to tell us in order we can create the license for you.


from $99 individual pricing.
We offer a base license for $99 but understand, that any project is individual an has a custom demand in the files to enrich and upload. So we assist you in any demand with our professional services.
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